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How To Find A Reliable Electrician

When navigating through the numerous different electricians advertising in your local area, it’s important to understand what makes a contractor reliable.

The wiring in your property is not only responsible for its functionality, but its safety too. If installed incorrectly, it can cause major damage and severe health and safety risks.

At TP Electrical Contractors we are very aware of the responsibility that comes with electrical work in your home, that’s why we’ve produced this simple guide to help you identify reliable electricians.

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Qualities of Reliable Contractors

There are three main characteristics which reliable electricians will showcase. If you’re trying to recognize which of the many contractors around you will guarantee reliability and quality work, then be sure to assess them based on these categories.

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A reputation will speak for itself. Through online reviews, word of mouth and backing from organisations you’ll be able to take the opinions of others as evidence to the work that electricians carry out. A reputation will be directly related to the age of a business too. The older a company is, the more reviews it’ll have and as a result, those will convey the ability of service provided.


At TP Electrical Contractors, we are proud to boast a number of accreditation’s from organisational bodies, to help our customers find confidence in our work from the very beginning. Some of these are:

Obtaining recommendations from sources like these means that professional standards are being recognised and upheld within your business. If an industry benchmark will vouch for your work, then you can have peace of mind when using those services.

Punctuality & Communication

Punctuality and communication can be observed right from the very start – as early as the initial quote. If a contractor arrives on time and communicates this clearly, then it’s a great indication they will preserve that standard throughout the entirety of your project. It’s important to know when electricians will be at your home, but also that they communicate properly. Without proper communication, you’ll be left ‘in the dark so to speak. This is not something you want when somebody is working on such an integral part of your home.

If you’re looking for Reliable Electricians Choose TP Electrical Contractors

TP Electrical Contractors carry out all work in accordance with EU regulations BS7671. We are accredited by numerous organisations and guarantee all of our work. We design, supply, and install all everything with over 20 years of experience as electricians. What’s more, we’ll even quote your work for free.

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