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EV Charger Installation on Wall

The Requirements For An EV Charger Installation

EV charger installation requirements in the UK may seem a little complicated at first. The rules and regulations that need to be followed before you can enjoy the benefits of your own charging point might not be clear. We’ve put together this guide to help:

EV Charger Installation Requirements

EV Wall Charger

Before installing your EV charger, you must address the following:

  • Available off-street parking, including a driveway, carport, or garage.
  • You must be the legal property owner or have written permission from the owner.
  • Access to a fusebox and must be mounted at least 750mm above the ground.
  • The charging unit must be at a minimum distance of 2 metres from a public road.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity available, for energy saving and charger functionality.
  • Installation must be done by a qualified electrician, who will also need to provide a compliance certification once the installation is completed.

The EV Charger Needs:

Access To The Fusebox

If you are going to successfully install an EV charger, you will need access to the fusebox. The closer and less complicated your desired location is, the easier the installation is. Depending on your building’s wiring and mains fusebox set-up, you may need to have an isolation switch fitted before the installation takes place. This can be organised with your electricity provider.

Access To The Wi-Fi

Most EV charging stations have features and functions that require Wi-Fi connection to access the full range of advantages. While Wi-Fi enabled chargers are available, the features they provide can beneficial.

Man Charging EV

To Be A Certain Distance And Height

To conform with UK guidelines and regulations, its important when organising your EV charger installation to know where it can be placed. You are responsible and accountable for your electric charger, so it’s best to follow these regulations to ensure people remain safe:

  • The minimum height for an EV charger in the UK is at least 750mm above the ground. This is to reduce the potential risks of electric shock.
  • The electric charger needs to be 2 metres away from a public road or footpath. This is to ensure that if there is any issue with the EV charger, it poses no risk to the wider public.
  • If you prefer to install a EV Charger upstand rather than to a wall mount, you are able to do so. The upstand must remain under 2.3 metres with onlt one upstand per parking space.

Interested In An EV Charger Installation For Your Home?

If you are unsure about whether you meet all the requirements for an EV charger for your home, contact us. Our team of qualified and accredited contractors are happy to answer your questions, provide advice or offer a free quote.

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