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How To Tell If You Need Your House Rewiring

Is it time for a house rewiring? This refers to the electrical infrastructure in your home being part or fully replaced. So, how do you know when it needs doing? Here are some signs that it should be completed in the near future.

Old Age

If a property’s electrics are 25-30 years old, it will be due a house rewiring. Overtime, just like any other components in your household, the wiring infrastructure and electrical system will become worn. This means that it might not be performing as well as it should, and more importantly, it could be posing fire and safety risks. You should contact an electrician to diagnose the need for this job.

Electrics have made advancements in the past few decades. Standards have been changed, so it’s important to ensure that your property is up to date with the most recent guidelines. You will be able to ensure that your property is in line with the standards by contacting a professional electrician.

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Constant Issues With Electrics

Whilst it’s quite common to have the odd problem with electrics in your home, if the same problems occur then it might be time to consider house rewiring. Buzzing noises from sockets, regular power outages, lights constantly flickering and plugs getting hot are just some reasons to get help from an electrician. If these issues persist, then an electrician will be able to let you know whether your property needs a new electrical system.


Sockets can be telling of when you need house rewiring. If they are all broken or cracked, they can pose safety risks. If you have the old rounded plug entry sockets, then this can be telling of its age. The look of sockets can help identify when your electrics were installed.

If there’s only one socket in a room, then you should consider contacting electricians. If you use many electricals and struggle to cope with one socket, then extension cables can easily be misused. It’s important to ensure every room has enough sockets that abide by building regulations.

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Contact Us For House Rewiring

If this sounds like a job needed for your property, get in touch with us now. Our friendly electricians are qualified and experienced to ensure that your refit is efficiently done and up to the most recent standards.

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